#487 Giratina in Reverse World (Distortion World)


Orre region

This region is noticeably arid, being divided into a huge desert wasteland and a small, mountainous green region. In the center is Mt. Battle, a dormant volcano where trainers go to sharpen their skills.

Orre has very few settlements in it due to the climate. Interestingly, its largest city, Phenac City, is located in Orre’s harshest environment.

There is a lively port to the southwest of Orre, which is presumably how it keeps its connections with the other regions, using ships such as the S.S. Libra.

Despite its environmental problems, it is one of the most advanced regions in terms of science and architecture.

It has no connecting routes because of the rough terrain, and wild Pokémon are very rare, appearing only a handful of spots throughout the whole region.

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Mt. Coronet

Mt. Coronet, the tallest mountain in the Sinnoh region, with the entrance to the Distortion World seen above

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Ecruteak City

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